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Meet the Maker

Growing up in a small town on 15 acres I spent most of my time collecting treasures at the creek or making beauty potions. This was no surprise to my father, who has been a jeweler for 50 years. I come from a long line of artists. I decided to start creating again after having my last baby. The EcoMamma Co was born during a turbulent year in 2020 as a healthy outlet. I love creating, I love creating for you. I recently felt a move towards just jewelry making full time which led to the name, Rising Sun Jewelry.
I want to make sure that even though I am creating beautiful items to sell, that they are also kind to our Mother Earth. With everything that I create, I keep in mind the footprint it will leave. This is my journey, thank you for coming and sharing my passion for nature, growth, and beautiful pieces. 


Creator, Founder